Aware Podcast

Nicky Mackie And Sarah Godfrey

Aware Podcast

In this global podcast Nicky and Sarah chat to inspirational guests who have all had a breakthrough moment in life, leadership or business. Nicky and Sarah join their adventure as they share their AH-HA moments with courage, laughter and insight. The long hard grind to becoming aware is full of struggles and success but most importantly when shared can inspire and motivate others to keep going. Nicky and Sarah share the concept of awareness, the platform they have developed and highlight how 80% of people who believe they are self aware, actually aren't! We know!!!! A long the way, they continue to share they own stories, humiliations and sense of fun and curiosity about what makes us human. Fresh, vibrant and insightful, join Aware to learn more about yourself and others than you thought possible.

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