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Episode 12 | Maureen Delaney


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10m · November 14, 2020

Episode 12 | Maureen Delaney

Maureen Delaney has spent much of her career as a college counselor working with students to help them prepare for college. Her days are spent strategizing with students, talking about their plans, and guiding them to create compelling personal essays and applications. Over her years as a college counselor, she has listened to countless students speak about their future goals and their vision for themselves as they move from high school to college. Watching teenagers take flight is exciting and inspiring to Maureen because she can listen to each individual share their unique academic or artistic story. On her nights and weekends, though, Maureen paints. She creates beautiful, large canvases filled with abstract shapes, colors and patterns. Her pieces are simultaneously highly organized and playfully chaotic. Largely self-taught, she describes her work as trying to find a balance in all things: in color, in form, and in textures. When asked why she decides to approach her paintings in the way that she does, she said, “Because I don’t really have any choice. Because [the paintings] follow me around in my mind somehow, and I have to listen and get them down on canvas.” For access to more content visit: © David Mayer Films, L.L.C.


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