AAA Specials: Otakon 2021

1h 59m · September 18, 2021

AAA Specials: Otakon 2021

The Anime Addicts Anonyous coverage of Otakon 2021! A Capitol Convention Cast: Otakon 2021 I love you all :heart:. Stay safe, and enjoy this goofy extra episode. Timestamps and Links below. 0:00:00 Daicon IV Opening Edit 0:01:07 Podcast Introduction 0:03:04 Co-host Introduction: Bear 0:04:44 Expectations 0:07:05 The Journey Begins - Travel Day 0:19:25 DC Museum Day 0:37:19 Otakon Day 1 1:00:31 Joe Zieja Interview 1:16:49 Otakon Day 2 1:19:57 Kaiji Tang Interview 1:45:05 DC Redemption Day 1:56:31 The Journey Ends - Return Day Follow: AAA Podcast- Mason- Bear- Otakon- Joe- (don't forget his YouTube) Kaiji- (don't forget his TikTok) Notes: Opening Song- Guilty Gear Xrd Nage vs Omito- PunPun Sticker Store- FromSoft/Hades Prints Store- Shuttle Image to go with this- Ending Song-


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