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AniMateys Podcast

Animateys Podcast

Support us on patreon if you like what we do! Hello all you lovely people out there in Internet land! Welcome to Animateys, a podcast hosted by two people (friends) who insist on taking beloved childhood cartoons and mercilessly evaluating them (i.e. over-complicating them)! As the name implies, our primary interest is in cartoons and animation, particularly those on networks like Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon, the likes of which we both watched as kids. We re-watch a new cartoon each episode and discuss them in a laid-back style podcast with semi-regular episodes. In addition to general reviews and basic information about each show we watch we each bring a specific perspective to bear on the podcast. Paige focuses more on political and economic content and implications of each cartoon while Chris focuses his psychological knowledge to understand the implications of each cartoon, although we often cover both areas together. Tangents, jokes and puns, social commentary, popular culture, philosophy discussions of storytelling, and emotional rantings are also included! Oh, and Steven Universe. We invariably talk about Steven Universe almost every show (we just can't help it!) We hope you enjoy what we put together for you and encourage you to follow us, comment, or join in on the discussion, and hopefully, to go back and re-watch some of these shows as well! Episode Schedule: We try to put out an episode at the very least once a month, but our ideal schedule has episodes occurring bi-monthly. When we require 2 podcast episodes for one show, we often put out the 2nd episode one week from the date we record for the 1st episode. As you might expect, this means we are a bit sporadic in when we post, so just follow us to keep up to date. Episodes run from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes, with 1 hour being our ideal length. You can find our podcast on iTunes Soundcloud and Google Play. Please subscribe!


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