The case of the disappearing makeup

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The case of the disappearing makeup


Nothing like starting this week's episode with a brief spout of toilet trauma followed by an extensive chat about our Chrismtas plans and Christmas histories! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We have to kick off beauty news this week with a corrections corner, because Alex was very wrong about the new shade of Glowlust - Sunstone. But in actual beauty news, Australian MUA Tanielle Jai has released a range of new brushes, Ultra Violette have FINALLY announced the release date of their SPF Skin Tint, Glossier have collaborated with the new Gossip Girl to release their Holiday Gift sets, and personally, we're excited about the Bath Duo - give us 10 million bath pods pls. Raw Beauty Kristi is back on Youtube after a mental health break and we're glad to see her doing well, and Ariana Grande's R.e.m beauty launch products have been officially announced.

Following beauty news, we have a Listener Question, or maybe it's a beauty breakdown. It's both! We had you guys write into us for answers as to why your blush and foundation are disappearing by the end of the day. Well dear listeners, there are a few suspects in this disappearance, so we're going to assess them one by one so you can decide who the criminal really is...

To finish off this week's episode, we're topping things off with our beauty faves, non beauty faves and snacks of the week! Apologies if you feel we ran away... Brenton came in to go to bed at the end of this ep haha.


To prepare for Wednesday's episode with guest Alison Willoughby, we suggest that you head over to her Instagram and give her a follow!! Here she is >

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