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Let's get slugging


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45m · May 2, 2021

Let's get slugging

EPISODE 116./ Starting off this episode a little chaotic off the back of our very first hate mail and a VERY happy engagement to friend of the pod, Armadale Liv!  In beauty news this week, Sunday Riley has been certified as a B Corp, more retailers have joined the TerraCycle beauty recycling program and we discuss the top paid beauty influencers and their reported income per post, per platform… so juitzy. In launches: Jaclyn Hill’s new priming and setting collection has been revealed, Bread Beauty has launched in Sephora Australia and Vieve is about to drop a highlighting product! P.s we were wrong about Vieve … it’s totally not a powder.  Moving into a beauty breakdown, this week we’re discussing slugging. Not the wormy kind. The K-beauty skincare trend that’s doing the rounds on tik tok and promises to reduce trans epidermal loss of hydration. So what is it? And do you need to try it? Let’s discuss.  This week we trialled the Dr Dennis Gross Intense face tanning wipes. They’re an AHA/BHA/DHA delight combining light exfoliation with a tanning glow. Finishing this episode up with the usual: beauty faves, non beauty faves and some meal-like snacks.  If you enjoyed this episode, please Subscribe and follow us on Instagram we’re @allbasescovered.pod.  Things mentioned:  - Sunday Riley becomes a B Corp: - Top paid influencers: - Jaclyn Hill new face products: - Dr Dennis Gross Tanning Wipes: - Paulas Choice BHA Exfoliating Treatment: - Verso Night Cream: - Liberty Belle Retinol Serum:  


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