Is Gender A Social Construct? With Mobeen Vaid

Is Gender A Social Construct? With Mobeen Vaid

In today's age, society has informed us there are more than 2 genders. The traditional understanding of gender being between "male" and "female" has been discarded and several other genders have been created. So is gender really a social construct or a Divine Construct?Β In this podcast, we are joined by Mobeen Vaid, author of "Sexual Identity: An Islamic Perspective" to discuss this pertinent topic.Β #islam #podcast #genderTimestamps0:00 Intro0:58 What is going on?11:00 Lack of Spirituality in People20:42 Social Engineering36:45 Gender and Sex47:57 Confirmation Bias55:18 Historical Truths?59:48 Conclusion


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