Agent Exit Podcast

Renee Williams

Agent Exit Podcast

Ladies, have you been a REALTOR®, Broker or Team Leader for more than 15 years? Do you remember when everyone used Blackberries and fax machines? Okay... Have you secretly thought about retiring from your real estate business, but you’re not sure how to maintain your income?

Welcome to YOUR community! The Agent Exit Podcast is made especially for experienced women real estate agents, brokers and team leaders, age 50+. We are going to talk about real estate agent finances, strategic planning, and retirement with passive income.

Generation X and Baby Boomer real estate agents are amongst the top producing professionals in America, but very few can step out of production or retire without catastrophic financial consequences. Most have worked hard for decades putting the needs of others ahead of their own. Dealing with aging parents, empty nests, college tuition, children, grandchildren, marriage, divorce, and managing your health... all while running real estate businesses. No wonder there is little time left to plan an exit strategy.  

That’s why Agent Exit is here.


Our podcast’s mission is to provide a holistic approach to real estate agent retirement which includes topics on women’s personal financial management, real estate operations, succession planning for real estate teams, selling your real estate business and retiring from real estate with passive income.


Your host and “Agent Exit Guide” is Renee Williams an ex-loan officer and corporate strategy administrator turned investor, REALTOR®, Director of Operations and business coach. A wife and a mom of two young adults. With both her children and her money heading off to college, Renee found purpose in helping raise the collective consciousness in the field of exit strategy planning.

She's done so personally and professionally for over a decade supporting corporate mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures. Now, Renee dedicates herself to finding pain points and solving problems for other woman real estate business owners. With this powerful combination of expertise, she's on the journey with you to financial freedom.

Join Renee every week to meet some amazing guests and learn actionable tips like how to improve operations before selling your business, get a grip on your personal finances, find healthcare insurance for real estate agents or how to exit production and sell your real estate business. These meaningful conversations reveal answers to questions you've been thinking about for years. 

Get ready for this unique ride. Whether you’re looking to improve daily operations or to find the best real estate agent retirement strategy, you’ll come away informed and inspired. Tune in and learn how to get out of overwhelm and into a business and a life you love!


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