Affiliates In A Pot

Sathish Gray

Affiliates In A Pot

Growing an online business is becoming incredibly popular, but with all these noises, how can one get the right information to properly and strategically grow their business? What if you don't need all the information? What if you only need to right ingredients to stir the pot into a delicious meal. ---Welcome to Affiliates In A Pot---- In this podcast, you will learn all the right ingredients to grow your affiliate business online. From having the right mindset to increase your conversion rate, to creating awareness. All your marketing needs to grow your affiliate business online is right here in this podcast. My name is Sathish Gray and I've learned from the great internet marketers and decided to take what I have and share with you. I"ve spend so much time in the past learning all the wrong tactics, developing the wrong mindset, but I'm grateful to have learned from the greats and now I want to give you that knowledge. All you need is just the right ingredients to make a delicious meal. If you are just starting out in this journey, follow me and start growing your affiliate marketing business.


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