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Aerial View

Aerial View is a phone-in talk show hosted by Chris T. and heard LIVE every Friday night, 6 pm ET on, with replays Tuesday nights at 6 pm ET. Call 760-422-5528 and join in during the show... or leave a message any other time for playback on air. Aerial View is also available as a podcast from Amazon Music Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, SoundCloud and YouTube. Aerial View's Facebook page is here. Send email to Aerial View tackles an amazing range of topics. From light to heavy we discuss politics, taxes, bullies, cannibals, fuel prices, teachers, movies, climate change, asteroids, the Olympics, God, guns, oil, scams, the future, Florida, JFK, Yom Kippur, American History, space monkeys, suicide, robbery, love, Wall Street, Quadrophenia, the quiet car and Jimmy Page – to name just a few. Aerial View is hosted by Chris T., who was born in Amityville, grew up blue-collar in Lindenhurst, Long Island, and was a punk before you were a punk, playing guitar in two seminal NY outfits - The Nihilistics and Missing Foundation. He moved to New Jersey in 1986 and shortly thereafter began co-hosting The Nightmare Lounge with cartoonist Kaz on free-form WFMU. Five years later he debuted Aerial View - the first regularly-scheduled 'FMU talk show. It ran there from 1989 to 2016. He’s worked at CBS Radio, NPR's NY Bureau, WFMU, WNYC and SiriusXM, where he co-hosted a daily 3-hour talk show for over a dozen years and DJ’d on the Blues and Outlaw Country channels. His writing has been published in several compendiums and he currently lives where Burr shot Hamilton, in Weehawken, NJ, with his wife and two cats. Roger the (Cat) Engineer and Marty (Super) Mart

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