Season 2 of Absolutely Write Podcast

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Season 2 of Absolutely Write Podcast

Season 2 of Absolutely Write, India’s first & only graphology based podcast will be an opening journey to change the way you understand yourself. It is hosted by Aditi Surana, an internationally renowned Graphologist, Speaker, Writer, and High performance coach.

On our Wednesday episodes, Aditi will use her knowledge of handwriting analysis a.k.a Graphology to decode the success formula of some change-catalysts, path breakers, inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs. In each episode you'll get practical tips, graphological insights  that you can use right away, to discover your own personality.

On our bite size Friday episodes, Aditi will walk you through powerful self reflective handwritten journaling prompts to inspire YOU, to unlock your inner greatness and live your best life.

See you every Wednesday & Friday. Till then, Happy Writing!


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