Darren McKoy

A Life With Purpose

You were made for something GREATER! There is a purpose in your life that needs to be fulfilled! The purpose of this podcast is to enable you to discover the purpose in your life so that the life you live will be with meaning and fulfillment. In order to fulfill the mission of this podcast, you will be given practicable tips and strategies in order to live the life that you were created to live. There will be interviews with thought-leaders from different industries and solo episodes from Darren himself that will inspire you to be In Pursuit of your Purpose. Darren McKoy is the host of A Life With Purpose Podcast, an inspiring speaker on the topic of purpose, and a storyteller. The purpose of his life is to motivate and inspire you to not just live your life but live it with a purpose in mind. Thank you for listening to this podcast and let's live A Life With Purpose